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Sitemap Generator PRO OpenCart

Sitemap Generator PRO OpenCart
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HP Sitemap Generator PRO OpenCart

  • Generate better sitemap for your OpenCart store!
  • By default OpenCart only generate product sitemap.
  • Fine: but not the best thing that you can get!


HP Sitemap Generator PRO OpenCart Concepts

  • HP Sitemap Generator PRO aims to increase your site SEO and makes your site pages more discoverable by search engine.
  • This extension provide generation for more comprehensive sitemap than the default provided by OpenCart.


Key Features

1. Main Sitemap

2. Product Sitemap

3. Information Sitemap

4. Category Sitemap

5. Blog Sitemap

6. FAQs sitemap



Try all the latest features for free in our demo !

Sitemap Generator PRO OpenCart

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  • Gratis instalasi di website OpenCart Anda
  • Support teknis hingga 12 bulan

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