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HP Support Ticket System OpenCart

HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
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HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
HP Support Ticket System OpenCart

HP Support Ticket Management OpenCart

  • Seamlessly add ticket management system on your OpenCart store
  • Get better experience by providing support ticket for customers.
  • Suitable for ecommerce that offer product/service and need intents support for customers.


Concept Support Ticket Management Opencart

The main goal of the "Support Ticket Management Extension for OpenCart"

  1. Enhance customer support and streamline ticket management for online stores built on the OpenCart platform.
  2. This extension is designed to provide a seamless and efficient way for businesses to handle customer inquiries and support requests.
  3. Ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and user experience.


Key Features for Support Ticket OpenCart

  1. Provide ticket management system for Agent and Customers both frontend and backend
  2. Customer can create ticket that related to specific product in an order
  3. Special ticket management page provided for customer on frontend.
  4. Automaticaly rolling the agent If there are several agents.
  5. Automaticaly send email to Agent upon ticket creation : as well as customer as ticket receipt.
  6. Drag and drop or upload attachment for every message for Agent and Customer.
  7. Admin can create custom ticket for customers via ticket management on Admin Dashboard
  8. Complete ticket management on Admin Dashboard
  9. Fully customized email notification features both for customer, agent and admin.
  10. Much more : see description.


100% Journal 3 Compatible

Journal 3 Theme Compatibility Tested!



1. Reviews on Front End Page

  • Improved user experience of UI/UX on front end page.
  • Users can easily create support tickets directly from the OpenCart storefront. Customers can submit their inquiries or issues without the need to navigate through complex menus.


2. Easy Ticket Management

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy Ticket Management provides a user-friendly interface that allows store owners and support staff to efficiently manage customer support tickets.

  • Ticket Assignment: Support agents can be assigned to specific tickets, ensuring that the right team member handles each customer's request. This streamlines communication and accountability.

  • Status Tracking: Easy Ticket Management provides real-time status tracking for tickets. Customers can check the progress of their inquiries, and support agents can update the status as they work on resolving the issues.

  • Search and Filter Options: The system offers robust search and filter options to help support teams quickly locate and access specific tickets. This is particularly useful when dealing with a large volume of inquiries.


3. Convenient Way Upon Replying Ticket

  • Communication History: The extension maintains a complete communication history for each ticket. This includes customer inquiries and support agent responses, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available.

  • File Attachments: Users can attach files or documents to support tickets, making it easier to share screenshots, invoices, or other relevant information related to the issue.

  • Email Notifications: Automatic email notifications are sent to customers when there are updates to their support tickets. This keeps customers informed about the status of their inquiries without having to log in to the platform.


4. Easily Manage Agent Profile

  • Simplified User-Interface : Summarized list of available agents profile which allows admin to review, edit, or remove desired data with a few clicks

  • Edit Agent Profile : Enables admin to easily manage support agent's profile data along with their active status. Agent with active status will be automatically assigned to incoming support ticket.


5. Customizable Email Notification on Submitted Ticket

  • Notification Management : Allows admin to manage the details of email notification that will be automatically sent to agent and customer
  • Email Template : Fully customizable email template that enables consistent email notification design based on preferences


6. Easily Manage Preferences and Additional System Settings

  • Status : Switch between enabling or disabling this extension
  • Ticket Auto-closing Feature : Allows ticket to be automatically closed by system after specified days


More Features Upcoming

Try out all the features for free on our demo !

HP Support Ticket System OpenCart
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